Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ultrasound Brief

I just got back from Seema's ultrasound appointment. She was looking great, but she is tired and ready for those babies to be evicted. The babies are getting big and looking great. Twin A was doing barrel rolls trying to get away from the photo session. Twin B was jumping around trying to get away from Twin A. Seema is at the gynecologist appointment right now... I decided I should not sit in on that one. Once we get that report we will have an idea of when those babies are coming.

Here are a few stats until we get the official report.

Twin A:
Weight: 5 lbs 11 oz
Heart Rate: 153 bpm
Position: Head up

Twin B:
Weight: 4 lbs 11 oz
Heart Rate: 135 bpm
Position: Head down

Ready or not... Babies, Babies, Babies!



  1. Babies, Babies, Babies, soon it will be raining babies!

  2. Babies in Delhi -- sounds like a new Hindi song! It's coming soon!!!

  3. Great sized babies on the way!!

    Looks like a scheduled c-section?

    Also looks like a boy and a girl, if you asked me. (Heart rates)

    Won't be long now! :-)

  4. Wow guys they are bigguns already! Blogland really will be raining babies in the next few weeks! Cheers.

  5. "We're your weathergirls..." "Uh huh." "And have weeeeee got news for YOU!"

    Thanks, everyone. Now I'll have that song in my head for the next week.

    "It's raining babies... hallelujah. It's raining babies... amen..."

  6. Great weights! So exciting...they are coming soon!

  7. So exciting! It's not going to be long now!