Sunday, November 6, 2011

Twin Names We're Not Using

Feel free to steal any of the following, because we're not using them:

1. Marco and Polo - for the twins who seem to be lost all the time
2. Hops and Barley - for the twins whose parents enjoy twelve-step programs
3. Lakshmi and Lakshman - for the children who need to constantly be reminded of their Indian roots.
4. Anna and Belle - When you like one really popular name, but have two kids.
5. Fabian and Fabrizio - When you really want your kids to grow up and be supermodels (seriously, I really liked these names, but they totally got vetoed by Chad).

Happy Naming,


p.s. These kids need to arrive ASAP because I'm starting to go stir crazy!


  1. What about Audacious and Bodacious??
    You're welcome!

    All the best.

  2. Douglas, you are hilarious...this is so going to be me...going stir crazy (like I"m not now??). 32 days according to your ticker but I think it will be sooner...!

  3. Darn! WE were totally planning on going with Fabian and Fabrizio for OUR twins-- I heard they made the top 10 this year. Unfortunately, Marco and Polo will likely be more appropriate, seeing as they will be my children, and likely have NO sense of direction.