Friday, November 18, 2011

Everything in Circles

I am amazed this morning at the stunning, awesome, sometimes saddening, always awe-inspiring symmetry of life. This morning, 6 days after our boys were born, their Great-Grandma (on my side) passed away. She was 93 an had lived an exceptional life. I wish that Ezra and Cedric could have met her, and that we could go back for the services that will be this week. But, we will celebrate her life with the beginning of new life.

Everything in circles.


  1. My sincear condoleances! But what you write was so true for me aswell - my grandmother died the same day that my Jennifer had her due date. I didn't know yet she had passed away, when I dreamed of her sitting on my bedside, so shining and happy. I feel she is close to us every day and a special guardian angel to my daughter. Maybe it is like this for you aswell.

  2. Very sorry to hear Douglas. The energy never really leaves and your boys will certainly know her through family stories you will share.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear, i just posted that my grandma turned 90 and a wonderful person like yours. My sympathy to you and your family. Take time to heal.

    PS: the boys are getting more hansome each day!

  4. So sorry! I'm glad she had a wonderful life. I'm sure she felt blessed knowing in her final few days, that two new special boys had been born into the world she was leaving. Hugs xxx :) Zoe

  5. Sorry to hear such sad news at such a happy time for you. Your grandma will be watching over you and your boys. She looks incredible for a 93rd birthday pic!! Thinking of you