Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Every Time My Phone Rings

I jump a little!

There are several sets of twins in blogger-land that are about make their debut. Anxiously I keep checking  for updates every ten minutes.

Two Babies on the Way
Dreams Come True in India
Love Makes A Family

We are a maximum of nineteen days away from the big show at our house.

It is getting real in here.



  1. It's for sure getting real!

    Who's gonna go first, I wonder?

    Probably Stacey...but I'll bet you guys are next!

    Soooo exciting!


  2. We are so outrageously excited for you guys!!!!!!!!!! We're checking in daily, and in the next few days probably hourly then minutely! We really can't wait to hear your news, it will be an amazing day for you for sure. Best of luck (and please give lovely Mary a hug from us)!

  3. Like Adam and Michael, I am blog stalking!! I am so looking forward to all these twins!!!

  4. LOL, that's funny because your blog is one that I keep checking for updates!

  5. Jeni, I think our surrogate was feeling pretty good up until the last two weeks, and since then she's felt enormous. So, who knows? I hope you're feeling up to the task of birthing two beautiful babies. Hang in there!

    Adam and Michael, We'll give Mary a big hug for you! Keep checking in.

    Mark and Kerrie, your pumpkin pictures were to die for cute!! Keep checking in as well.

    Mike and Tony, You don't have to be having twins to get our attention. We're checking your blog too! Hopefully your singleton waits a little longer than our twins, though!

    Hugs to all our blog friends!!
    Douglas and Chad

  6. Whoo hoo! Whoo hoo! Whoo hoo!

  7. All this baby blog activity is so exciting. LOL. Better than television. Except maybe Modern Family. Ok, better! :-) Deep breaths, all of you!