Sunday, November 6, 2011

Baby Brunch

Douglas started the day playing ultimate frisbee out in Gurgaon, and I enjoyed a nice Sunday morning in bed. Once Jyoti and I decided to accept the daylight we started down in the garden planting peppers and transplanting tomatoes. We finally got all of our plants re-potted on our balcony.

Some of our best friends/colleagues/most amazing people in the world organized a brunch today. If you didn't know Sunday brunch in Delhi is really something. It is better than all the monuments and craziness combined. They gave us the most thoughtful gift one could want... a photo session with a professional photographer. We love our Delhi family, and couldn't imagine a better community to live in.

We are eagerly waiting for the safe arrival of Stacy & Lee's twins in the morning!



  1. Oh, what a great gift you've got! I understand that you are happy with it :) Looking forward to see the result of the photo session!

  2. It'll be time to use that gift before you know it! Best wishes!

  3. What a wonderful gift, and you really will be using that gift so very soon!

  4. How wonderful! I love hearing about your incredible local support network-- you are very fortunate to have such good friends!

  5. Hey guys! I'm just checking in on you. How are those babies doing? Tell them they need to stay put until Aunt Kate comes home.

    Love you guys!

  6. Kate, we missed you at brunch. Hurry up and get back so our kids can quit waiting for you!!