Wednesday, November 30, 2011

One Hundred Excuses

I have been a bad blogger, and I blame it on "baby brain". I have sat down to write a handful of times, but only manage to get a few sentences down before I end up on the other side of the house doing something else. So here is my best attempt.

The past two and a half weeks have been amazing. Aside from the erratic sleeping pattern I have developed everyone in our house is doing great.  Being a parent is by far my most rewarding experience. The boys are continuing to grow and changing every day. It is very exciting to watch.

Cedric is a big fan of food. He gets so excited he swings his arms and a few times has grabbed the bottle to pull it in closer. He is a great at burping, and will probably be invited to a frat house very soon! He loves being on his stomach and can already pick his head up and move it from side to side.

Ezra is getting a bigger appetite. He is still eating less than Cedric, but we are not surprised given their size difference. He went to the doctor last week and is gaining weight and is right on track. Per the doctors he is doing great. Ezra also likes tummy time, but prefers to be swaddled at night.

We had Tim Steadman over to our house to take some professional photos. We got some great snaps and now have to decide which ones we want to get printed. Our trip to the Embassy was super easy. The DNA test results arrived on Monday (due to Thanksgiving we lost 4 days). I am pleased to announce the boys are a match! Now we are waiting for our passports to arrive from the states. Since we live abroad we couldn't do the emergency passports that are issued in one day. We expect them by the middle of next week. Once we have those it is off to the MHA and FRRO for the Indian visas.

I hear babies... that means feeding time.



  1. Hello?! You're busy. Totally understandable. Great photo and thanks for taking the time to let us know how things are going. Take care you guys...

  2. Enjoy and celebrate every day...even the sleepless ones. It is cliche to say, but it REALLY does go by quickly....blink your eye and they'll be walking and babbling and conspiring!

  3. Feel so lucky to be able and snuggle those two babies....yes my babies :)

  4. You guys all look so wonderful! Glad to hear all of the awesome reports! Congratulations to you all, again, and thanks for the update! I love to see how everything is going and how the babies are growing!


  5. Great to see things are going so well.

  6. Looks like two very happy dads with two very cute babies!!

  7. LOVE the family picture! Despite a lack of sleep you all look marvelous! All the best to te whole family!