Monday, November 14, 2011

Homecoming Part I

What a change we've seen in Cedric and Ezra! Just over night, our boys grew up just a little bit. How is that possible? 

Cedric on the left and Ezra on the right

The biggest change was in Cedric. In all of the pictures from yesterday he was looking really round. But today, he lost a bit of his puffiness, and you can see a very noble profile from our oldest son. Cedric and I started bottle feeding last night, and he practiced a few times over night with the nurses. By the time that Chad and I got to the hospital this morning, he was ready for another go, and he is feeding like a champ! It was lovely to walk in this morning to see that the feeding tube that was taken out last night was still out. So, our big boy is coming home this afternoon. We'll take care of all the paperwork to spring him from the hospital right after lunch. We've got the car seat and we've practiced fastening it securely. This will most certainly be my most nervous driving experience in Delhi yet! Precious cargo will be in tow!

Ezra is looking good too. He is definitely our curious one. His eyes were open all morning, and he's taking the world in. He has the most beautiful dark blue eyes (I know, they'll probably change color, but they'll always be beautiful). He is continually trying to suck on his feeding tube. Actually, I don't think he likes the tube very much. The doctor says that he will be ready to try direct bottle feeds today. 

When we went in today, we saw that the nurses had put some of the onesies we'd left on both of the boys. Since our kids have to stay in a nursery from birth for the first several days of their lives, it was oddly comforting to see that they were wearing the clothes we bought for them. 

Another odd feeling is that we'll be taking Cedric home and not Ezra. I guess that this is the first tangible lesson in twin parenthood that they are, have been, and always will be different people with different needs. Cedric needs to be home right now, and Ezra needs to be in the nursery. It is, however, a little bit of a mental somersault for me to reconcile myself with separating them after they've been in such tight proximity for 36 weeks and 4 days. 

Meanwhile, we're waiting to do the paperwork for their birth certificates and I'm glad that BLK hospital actually has decent coffee (for India).  


  1. OMG! They are gorgeous!!! I am dying here with all these twins!!! Enjoy brining "thing 1" home, soon, "thing 2" will be home and the craziness will be on full speed!! We are just thrilled for you both

  2. So wonderful that Cedric is feeding for you, that must have felt amazing! We're cheering Ezra on from Australia! Have fun bringing baby 1 home. Love the new blog title! Zoe :)

  3. Glad the boys are doing well and Cedric is feeding well. Must be hard to Leave Ezra in the hospital but it wont be long before you will be together again. Parenthood is a very nervous state of being !!!

  4. Congratulations on you gorgeous twin boys!!! We are hoping that Ezra will be able to go home really soon also!!!

  5. Wow, you guys!!!
    All of us in Libana send you congratulations and are so happy that your boys (!!!) are here and healthy and ready to start their amazing journey here on Earth.

    What a process, and it is really just beginning!
    We all send our love and are excited for the 4 of you (and Jyoti too!!!)

  6. They will both be home with you in no time! Love to you all.

  7. Very happy to hear Cedric is home! Soon your family will all be together at home! We have been spending a bit of time in your neighborhood with all of our paperwork. Only the frro to go and we leave Thursday night.