Sunday, May 22, 2011

Our Baby List (please comment!!)

Chad and I hit up every Baby store in Delhi yesterday. Well, not every one, but most of them. Thank god the weather was cooler than usual. This past week has seen temperatures as high as 114. Yesterday only made it up to 90. We could have worn sweaters!

Our shopping goal was to get a better idea of how much things cost in Delhi and what is available. The great answer is there is SO MUCH that is available. Case in point: our friends at work who got pregnant in the Fall and just had their baby a few weeks ago have not been to the US at all this year, and feel totally comfortable with the availability of baby products in Delhi. The only thing we didn't find was a really solid twin stroller. There are a few side-by-side models available, but no tandem strollers, and the side-by-sides that are available feel flimsy. So, we are waiting until we get to the US to purchase a stroller. Then, when we get back in Delhi in late July/early August, we'll get what we need here.

Our list has been edited by 3 ex-pat parents who had kids here in Delhi, and 1 soon-to-be parent also in Delhi, and one parent whose son is graduating high school this week. She's lived all over the world. Then, I sent the list to my mom and sister (both expert parents), and then I am including some Indian prices and store availability (MC is MotherCare, M&M is Mommy and Me and W is Wieners - we went to M&M and MC at Select City Walk and Wieners at GK II's M-block market ).

Absolutely necessary
Diaper Bag - We want more choices, so we'll probably buy in the US
Changing Pad to carry with you (Rs. 1000 at MC)
Pack and play (Rs. 5000 at MC)
Receiving blankets (lots of choices and prices at all stores)
Carseat (Rs. 11000 at MC - maxicosi brand)
Kid's sunblock - US
Natural mosquito repellant - US
Infrared thermometer (Rs. 3400 at M&M)
Baby asperin - US
Sheets for the crib - If we get the crib at MC, will get sheets here too. Size is peculiar.
Breathable pee pad - (Rs. 500 at M&M)
Elastic mosquito net - (Rs. 800 at MC)
Bottles, orthodontic nipples (many choices available, mostly Avent, but NO orthodontic nipples - will buy in the US)
Pacifier - (many choices available, mostly Avent, but NO orthodontic nipples - will buy in the US)
Rice Cereal - (Rs. 425 Gerber brand available at W)
Onesies - (Many available, including premie baby size at MC)
Cloth burping diapers - Will get a pack of these in the US
Mylicon gas drops - US
Baby wash cloths - available at MC
Bottle brush - (Rs. 300 at MC)
Swaddlers with velcro (available at different costs at MC)
Diaper rash cream (4oz desatin Rs. 425 at MC)
Baby nail trimmers (many available at all stores)
booties/socks (many available at all stores)
Mits ( many available at MC)
Soft towel (many available at all stores)
Baby monitor (Rs. 3499 at W)
Natural baby lotion/cream/oil/soap (if natural is desired, get in US, Johnsons is widely available in India)
Electric baby swing (Rs. 3800 at W)

Liked it and used it, but not totally necessary
Baby carrier front and back (Rs. 2500 at MC - Bjorn Organic also available at M&M for Rs. 5500)
Exersaucer (Rs. 3400 at M&M)
Boppy Pillow (Rs. 1000 at M&M)
Bouncy seat (Rs. 3800 at W)
Mobile (Rs. 1000 at MC)

Wait and get it later (well be back in the US when the kids are 6-7 months old)
High chair (Rs. 6000 at W)
Jolly jumper seat (buy in US)
Sippy cups (widely available in India)
Plastic plates (widely available in India)
Swimming diapers (widely available in India)
Swimming shirt (widely available in India)
Plastic bib (widely available in India)
Oral gel (available at the US commissary in India)
Baby toothbrush (widely available in India)
Baby proofing stuff (widely available in India)
Robeexs soft shoes (buy in US)
Bumbo seat (my sister used this instead of a high chair)

So, what do you think of my list? We'll most definitely buy everything from the absolutely necessary list. We will be weighing the higher cost in India of some of these items versus the inconvenience and baggage allowance of flying and decide what to buy here and what to bring from the US. Keep in mind that the current exchange rate from US$ to INR is 1 to 44.5. Not good.
Obviously, big things like cribs and a changing table we will be buying in India. But, like I said, I was disappointed by the twin stroller options here. And on that matter I need any advice you have (tandem? side by side? brand?).

We've got one more week in India and then we're out of here for 2 months.
Cheers and Happy Post-Rapture Sunday!


  1. wow that is an impressive list. there are a few things that could go on your " wait to get later" list. Babies can't use sunscreen or bug repellent until they are 6 months old. Also, lots of that stuff you can get in the US for much less than here. You might want to consider hitting up target and filling a suitcase with baby gear, stroller and swing in particular. And don't forget that we'll be having a baby shower for you when we get back from summer break.

    just in case you haven't heard of it here is a cool website that delivers in delhi!

  2. Great list! Being a shop-a-holic I have slowly been buying bits & pieces along the way. Getting so close to having our twins last year, we already bought a stroller. We got the 'baby jogger-city mini twin'.It had all the options we were looking for & is the lightest & most easy to fold. Not sure if it will ever get used now-will wait & see.I would suggest if you have an address in the usa & someone kind enough to store some items for you, check out eBay. I have saved an absolute fortune buying baby items (new with tags or in sealed packs unused etc.)you could search & buy online from Delhi. SJ xx

  3. Kate, I knew about the bug spray and sunscreen. I was hoping to find some natural products that are safe for 0-6 months (especially bug spray). As you may have heard, people in Delhi are worried about mosquitos. Really worried! I hadn't heard about that website. I just clicked on it and saw they had BumGenius cloth diapers. SO EXCITING! Do you think the delivery will actually come if I order something?

    SJ, it has been so hard not to buy anything! We are waiting just a few more weeks, and at that point we will be back in the US. So we plan on doing what Kate suggested and hitting up a big department store and getting as much as we can. We also have all summer to go to garage sales and buy stuff online!

  4. Hi Douglas,

    Thanks for posting this list! We are expecting twins with SCI. We are currently 14 weeks along. This list will help me know what to buy once we get to india.

    From my research and watching the NYC streets, the double stroller is getting great reviews because its compact and durable is the Jogger City Select. I am not sure how easy it is to fold and put in a car trunk, since we live in the city that is not as much an issue for us.

    I am curious, are you guys planning to use car seats in India? I know most IPs don't use them while travelling in Delhi, however we are considering bringing them.


  5. Stacey,
    So good to hear from you. I'm so glad you told me about yourself, and it's good to hear from someone who is at the same point in the journey as we are. Thanks for the comment. I checked out the stroller you recommended. It looks way cool! We'll have to give it a test drive when we get to the US.
    Now, about carseats. I ABSOLUTELY think that you should use car seats in Delhi at all times. This presents certain problems, I know. Car seats are not fun to fly with and none of the public taxis (the black ones with yellow tops) have seat belts in the back seat. But, most of the AC private cars do. From what I understand, most SCI clients hire drivers from the same private company, and I would imagine that they all have seat belts in the cars (you should check with someone who has used that particular service).
    Fortunately for us, the school where Chad and I work have a fleet of cars available for staff use, so we mostly drive ourselves in Delhi (it's taken 3 years to get to the point where most of our driving is self driving). All of those cars have seat belts. I don't know of any parents here that we work with who would risk driving in Delhi without strapping their kids in car seats.

    I hope that helps!

  6. Hi Douglas,

    Thanks for the note on the carseats. We used the car service from SCI when were there for two weeks in March. We told the owner of the company that if we are lucky enough to get pregnant we were bringing a car seat. Most of his cars have car seats. We will take your advice and bring two car seats with us!

    Your list is fantastic! There are a few things we plan to just buy in Delhi and having a list of prices for each helps us prioritize what to pack/buy....obviously I am getting ahead of myself:) but you can never start planning too soon, right?

    The best thing about the stroller is it is the same wheel base as a full size stroller. So much better for getting in and out of doors and moving around crowded streets.

    It's great reading your blog, especially since we are at the same point in our pregnancies. It sounds like you have a fun summer in the midwest!


  7. Wow! You guys have certainly done your homework. I remember being at that point. It's SO exciting!!!! Now we are starting to do it all over again this time knowing more,but now for two..

  8. De-lurking here to pipe in with my two cents, specifically regarding the Bumbo seats. Personally as a mom of two kiddos, I would suggest getting the Bumbo seats asap, maybe even before the babies are born. Though I'm not sure what the manufacturer recommends, babies can "sit" in them as soon as they have enough neck strength to hold up their heads. The way it is shaped will hold the baby's "trunk" perfectly, even when they are really small, probably as early as 2-3 months. A total life saver to catch a shower or eat a sandwich on those days when babies are awake but no where near old enough to sit up unassisted. Hope this helps. Best of luck to you both!

  9. I think you are brave to even consider travelling by car in India. Its like a "big city rush-hour" on steroids!

  10. This is an awesome list. We could not get enough burp cloths with our twins! Things can get messy with two babies. :)

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