Thursday, May 26, 2011

First Trimester - Check

We are very excited to be at week twelve. Everything is progressing as it should be. We can't wait to attend the ultrasound on Monday. We have also requested a cd with the images and we will post them as soon as we can.

Almost everything is packed and ready for our big move. We only have a few clothes and dishes left. The past couple of weeks have been a mad rush to finish everything on our lists. I am exhausted and the proof was today's Jyoti walk didn't start until six-thirty! p.s. She didn't mind as much as Douglas.

The next few days include:

Tonight: Graduation
Friday: Goodbye lunch, get my staff started on summer projects, finish packing
Saturday: Supervising the paint/cleaning crew at the new apartment
Sunday: More painting and mani-pedi-hour massage appointments for each
Monday: Moving day, ultrasound, catch the night flight to America
Tuesday: Arrive in Indianapolis after 20 hours of travel (worth it)



  1. I am very excited for you guys! (Mostly about the week twelve mark and the man-pedi-hour massage appointments-- but the other stuff sounds fun too:))

  2. We'll hook you up with our massage place when you come!

  3. I think mani-pedi-hour massage should be made mandatory at every opportunity, That and a good bottle of choice!