Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ten Weeks

Our babies' fingers and toes have separated and their nails are starting to grow. They no longer have tails and are looking more and more human like everyday. Taste buds and tooth buds are starting to form, and the brain is developing at an amazing rate of 250,000 neurons per minute.

We are very excited that everything is progressing normal with our pregnancy. We hope that everything continues to be smooth for everyone involved. It is officially hot in Delhi. Hopefully not too many people have plans to come here until the monsoons start. We are easily reaching 44 deg C or 110 deg F. The 6am dog walk is the pleasant time of the day and it is 85 degrees by that time. Did I really just say that the morning dog walk was pleasant? Yikes, I just set myself up!

Full steam ahead for the end of the school year. Wheels up and out of Delhi in 18 days. We are excited to get to America and see our friends and family. When we return at the end of July we will be in our new house. We have chosen our paint colors and have purchased a new hutch. I have to admit I am starting to get excited to move. I am looking forward to a place where the electrical work is reliable and I can sneak home to hug the babies on my tea break.

We saw the eight week ultrasound pictures, but when we scanned them nothing of value was visible. The good news is we were able to see both babies and they were on track and healthy. We have another ultrasound in two weeks to round out the first trimester. We have been promised digital pictures to share with everyone.



  1. 10 weeks!! More than a quarter of the way to meeting your babies in person!! Woo-hoo!

  2. Great news! Digital scan pics are the way to go! Cannot wait to see your twins!

  3. Great news guys! I must admit, out of all the scan pics we've had, we've only seen one clear face pic, the rest are clearly Dr Jolly looking at all the bits for important info that we don't have got a clue what they are (hours spent playing the 'that must be an arm?... really? wait, a knee!!!' game!!!!

    If the temperature is a shockingly hot 44C at the moment, what do we have to look forward to for 12 weeks from the 12th July to approx middle of September? Well at least we'll save room in our suitcases not having to bring coats lol!!!!

  4. Adam & Michael, You can expect the temp to top out around 45-48 degrees in late June-mid July. Once the monsoons arrive in July (time varies each year) the heat comes down to around 38-40 degrees and the humidity climbs to 99.99%. Make sure you bring umbrellas and easy to walk in wet sandals. Keens are the miracle shoe in this country!

  5. So happy everything is on track! Right now, we are tentatively planning on traveling in August so I guess that falls within monsoon season? Congratulations on the upcoming end of the school year. As a former teacher I can totally appreciate the excitement!

  6. Bernadette, yes, by August we should be in the middle of monsoon. However, last year monsoon didn't really get started until part way through August (it was a really late monsoon). So, who knows? Expect Delhi to be miserably hot and humid at that point!