Thursday, May 5, 2011

Nine Weeks

It is hard to believe we found out we were pregnant one month ago today. So much has happened and our little guys or gals are growing like crazy. The most fascinating development this week is finger prints. They are waving hello to everyone through the amniotic fluid, and that creates their own little identity.

For whatever reason, Package did not arrange for us to receive copies of the latest scans. Apparently he assumed that we would only want the detailed report but had no interest in looking at our babies. This kind of lack of communication has not been typical of our experience, and we will be expressing our expectations in a clearer fashion very soon. Meanwhile, there is one copy of the ultrasound that must stay with our doctor, but we will get to take a look at the pictures next week. It might not be possible to post them on the blog as there are no digital copies to obtain.

Our relationship with Package is unique. I understand that most--if not all--of his clients are based out of India. We are here, and we're both used to dealing with Indians, so this kind of miscommunication is something that we expect to happen. I definitely don't think he is used to having westerners in his time zone; and it is possible our expectations are higher than others.

Even though we have a long way to go I am starting to get the parenting jitters. I am beginning to think about my childhood and what I hope to avoid in my parenting style. I also wonder how the world will change and how our children will be accepted and perceived. A random thought came to me when calling the bank yesterday. The agent asked me my mother's maiden name. How will our children respond? Will that question be irrelevant when they are older?

My mind is racing... everything will be fine.


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  1. anticipation is the key word here...even though we were pregnant for a very short time all I could think about was what was to come. GOOD LUCK YOU GUYS...