Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Update From The Womb

Today we received the detailed report of our eight week ultrasound. We are working through some miscommunication and hope to be getting the scanned images soon.

Twin A:
Gestational age: 8 weeks 5 days
Yolk sac: 5 mm
CRL: 21.4 mm
FHR: 160 bpm

Twin B:
Gestational age: 8 weeks 1 day
Yolk sac: 4 mm
CRL: 17.5 mm
FHR: 176 bpm

Everyone is normal and healthy today!
Happy Birthday to me!



  1. Happy Birthday Chad!! And yay for healthy babies!!

  2. Congrats on the great scan results and also happy birthday.... nice way to celebrate!

  3. Best birthday gift ever! So glad everything is moving along just the way it should!

  4. Happy Birthday! Great news on the scan results-all good :) B & SJ xx

  5. Yay for the good scan! My husband and I are just a few weeks ahead of y'all and we are expecting twins via our AMAZING surrogate as well :) It's all just such an incredible experience. Here's to keeping our little ones happy and healthy!