Monday, January 28, 2013

Metaphor of the Day

Sometimes beautiful things come from non-traditional methods.

Love and Peace,

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Ezra is really walking now. And, lots of other interesting things are going on as well.

Take a look!

Love and Peace,


Saturday, January 19, 2013


Ever been distracted at work?

My friend Meg gave me these websites to look at, and now I have some great plans for the weekend with the boys!

Happy Weekend!


p.s. Today we're trying our hands at homemade playdough. I'll let you know how it goes!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What Goes In

Most certainly will come out.

Today our Ayah decided it was time for the boys to try out a true Indian dish. She cooked up a batch of dal today and they loved it. Needless to say she was gone before the boys had a chance to show them just how much their diapers loved it.

Neither Douglas or I eat much Indian food. One of the benefits of having a cook that has worked for expats for several years we can hand over just about any recipe and get what we want. This has kept us from having to test the limits of our digestive systems.

Here is my motto: if it doesn't start out solid it won't come out solid.

Great news though... Our G-Daipers kept everything under control.



Cedric and Ezra fed themselves with spoons for the first time today. Daddy, of course, helped load up the spoons. But, you can tell from the video that they are quite content (and even a bit proud) of their accomplishment.

Bon apetit,


Friday, January 11, 2013

Goodbye Pacifier

We did it. It was easy. We should have done it sooner.

We knew that Cedric was addicted to his pacifier. While we were on vacation we noticed that he had become extremely addicted to his pacifier. It seemed that every time he would get upset the only solution was to hand him a pacifier. We noticed that he was unable to self soothe, and it was effecting everyone. It became quite the task for us to make sure all pacifiers were accounted for, which ones had been in the ocean, which ones had sand on them, and where they were in the middle of the night when he decided to throw one out of the crib and scream for a new one.

There in Koh Chang we declared that once we settled back in Delhi the days of the pacifier were through.

It took two days to build up the courage to follow through. We kept coming up with excuses like "he needs to settle in for a day" and "we want to be able to spend the day with him if he has problems" and "we don't want the first day without the pacifier to be with our nanny". All excuses to delay the inevitable.

Last Sunday Cedric woke up and his pacifier was gone. We gathered every pacifier in the house and put them in the safe... just in case we didn't have the strength.

We knew the big test would be the first nap. We put him down to sleep minus his pacifier, and he screamed bloody murder for thirty minutes. We held our ground... and apologized to Ezra and our neighbors for the noise, but we didn't give in. He went to sleep. The afternoon eating and playing went fine. When the afternoon nap rolled around we knew what to expect, but he only cried for ten minutes. The last test of the day would be going to bed for the night. He cried for thirty minutes again, but still slept through the night just fine.

Monday came and went as though nothing happened. He now goes right to sleep when we put him down.

That was it... one day, and now we are enjoying a pacifier free life!


Thursday, January 3, 2013

Vacation Firsts

We're back in Delhi after two blissful weeks in Thailand. We had a very exciting time spending two solid weeks with our boys with no work to do. Love the  family time!
While we were away on vacation, here are some things the boys started doing:
  • Ezra started walking -- tentatively, and only about 5-10 steps at a time. But, yes, walking! 
  • Cedric and Ezra started giving kisses. Cedric started this a few days ago, and Ezra picked it up today. Cedric had a pretty serious make-out session with a little Finnish toddler in the airport yesterday. 
  • Cedric started using sign language more and more consistently. 
  • Ezra started holding his breath and putting his head under water in the pool.
  • Cedric comforted Ezra by gently patting him on the head when he was crying. 
  • Both boys really enjoyed playing and interacting with other kids that they met at the resort.
  • Both boys are starting to establish their independence especially by showing possession of toys and other play objects. In other words, we're going to have to learn to share. 
  • Both boys did extremely well crawling up and down stairs for the first time. I realized while we were on vacation that our kids don't interact with stairs at all during their day-to-day lives. 
  • Both boys were very picky eaters for the entire vacation, which is not the case when we're at home. I can only hope that this was an anomaly and not the beginning of a new trend.  

There's more to be said, but we'll save other travel info for future posts.  

Cheers and Happy 2013,