Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thirty-Six Weeks

We made it! How exciting to have reached this milestone. We have nothing new to report. Seema has an appointment on Saturday morning, and we (and by we I mean the doctors) will see how her body is progressing. If she is 50% effaced or more that will be our green light to have our babies this weekend. We don't want them born in a Delhi traffic jam so a scheduled c-section is a must.

The first pick in the baby pool is for today at 2:30pm. Lets hope if they decide to come on their own they will wait until tomorrow and have the coolest birth date ever (11-11-11).

Hats off to all of the healthy babies born in the past week!



  1. Oh, the anticipation is agonizing!!!!! We just can't wait for your babies to be born, so if the world of baby blogdom is this excited, you guys must be bouncing off the walls with sheer excited anticipation!!!!!!!!

  2. I agree with Adam and Michael, you guys must be so READY for these two babies to be with you. It's wonderful they've been growing for so long, though...but sometimes enough is enough! This party needs to get started. The daddies are good and ready! Can't wait to hear and read and see more in the coming days. GOOD LUCK and take care!

  3. 11-11-11 would be really cool!! Whenever it is, we are stalking your blog for the bestest update!

  4. I'm also stalking! Be home tomorrow!

  5. Yes, we are waiting on your news too! Good luck & Best wishes, SJ & B xx

  6. Dear Babies-

    Even Jeni is growing anxious to "meet" you.

    Please hurry...I your own time.