Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Long Time Gone

Wow it has been a long time! So much has happened since our last post I don't even know where to start. The long and short is that we are officially residents of the Netherlands now. 

It was definitely a crazy end to our six years in India. Without going into detail in regards to the India-United States drama that transpired, we really couldn't bring ourselves to blog in the final months in India. We loved our time in India, but we are very happy we made the decision to leave when we did.

We moved two adults, twin two and a half year olds, a labrador, seven suitcases, and one hundred and two boxes from New Delhi to Amsterdam. The actual moving was painless thanks to wonderful relocation packages from our employers. 

Our new house is fantastic. We rented with only seeing photos and are very happy with our selection. We are about a fifteen minute walk and a five minute bike ride to work. Also we are only a five minute bike ride away from a giant shopping center, and a massive forest to explore in.

In our first few weeks in the Netherlands we have met several new people and are having a great time. We were greeted with fantastic weather the first week. Lately though we have been experiencing the normal rain that is typical for the region.

Amsterdam is refreshing and clean, and just all around easy to navigate. Cedric and Ezra are loving all of the public transportation... trains, trams, busses, and bikes they love it all! 

Our family is in love with our new home. We look forward to getting to know this place as we get settled in. 

Oh and we also plan to get back into regular blogging now that life is a bit more calm.

Here are a few pictures since we last posted.
Chad & Cedric in Mauritius
Mary, Douglas, Cedric @ brunch
102 boxes enroute to The Netherlands
This is our life
Ezra - "Jet lag stinks"
Grandpa's story time
Quick trip through DC 
Douglas & Ezra giant slip and slide fun
Chad & Cedric giant slip and slide fun
Fried everything at Columbus Pride 2014
Ezra surfs up in Outer Banks NC
Douglas & Cedric go to Ivanhoes!
Cousin play time
Fresh haircuts
Cedric - "Take my picture!"
Baltimore MD
Our first family bike ride
Playing in our new back garden
Kitchen singing time



  1. Completely thrilled you were able to post again and to hear things are doing so well in your new home! Your family is wonderful and the joy transmits around the world.
    THANK YOU and best wishes for joy in your new home and life.
    A CA Grandmother

  2. The boys are HANDSOME! We were just talking about you and wondering where you'd end up.

  3. Beautiful photos! My goodness time flies...have a blast in Holland!

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