Thursday, August 30, 2012

Our Life

I am not complaining... BUT!

We never sit down. We have two full time in house nannies/cleaners/cooks and a part time guy that walks our beautiful labrador for an hour each day. We still never sit down. Until I wrote it all down... I never realized what made the world go around.

Here was yesterday play by play:

5:00a: Ezra wakes Cedric up to help convince Dadda and Papa it is time to eat
5:15a: Twins toss bottles to the side, roll over, and pass out
5:20a: Douglas rejoins my lazy ass in bed
6:30a: Douglas makes his paleo breakfast
7:00a: I make my paleo-ish breakfast, twins on full court press, Douglas in shower
7:30a: Sheela arrives, I get in the shower
7:45a: Pouring coffee: Douglas black, mine with 1/4 cup creme, 3 heaping spoons of sugar
7:55a: Out the door, umbrella up
8:00a: Work
5:00p: I get home and finish up some work emails, twins sleeping
5:05p: Douglas out the door for disc
5:35p: I grab a snack, grab the remote, plant left ass cheek on the couch
5:36p: Cedric wakes up
5:40p: Ezra wakes up
5:41p: Twins full court press
5:50p: Strap the boys into stroller, bug spray, mosquito nets, dog on leash
6:00p: Pick Douglas up from disc, head off campus for 50 min walk
7:00p: Twins in high-chairs for dinner
7:30p: Twins in bath tub, Douglas making adult dinner
7:50p: Wheels fall off, screaming, wet, tired
8:00p: Twins dry, dressed, tiny bottle, sleep
8:05p: Adult dinner, vodka on the rocks
8:20p: Dishes
8:30p: Make baby food
9:45p: Pushups/Sit-ups for Thailand beach body, Big Bang Theory on in background
10:15p: Wake twins up for another small bottle (this put the stop on the 3a nursery rave)
10:30p: Adult bed time


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Oh Sleep, Why Dost Thou Leave Me?

We've been back in India for a month now and the kids are well adjusted to being here. They are eating well and playing like little bandicoots. But, alas, Ezra has stopped sleeping through the night. I believe this is due to a growth spurt, to a fourth tooth he just sprouted and to the fact that his little body rarely, if ever, stops wiggling, crawling, speed crawling, standing, pulling, jumping and wiggling again. He's a little ball of energy all day long. If you've experienced this and have any sage words for us to get our little man to go back to sleeping through the night, please let me know in the comments below. 

In the meanwhile, enjoy this aptly named aria from Handel's opera Semele sung by the immortal Kathleen Battle. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Nine Months

Man oh man we have come a long way. It is down right shocking to think our babies are nine months old already. Here are some updates... and some color pictures from our summer photo shoot!

Ezra is fearless and can't sit still. He is always on the move. He loves to be up on his feet, and every time we put him down he is pulling himself up with the biggest smile on his face. A few days ago he escaped from the Bumbo seat and used it as a walker to move across the floor. While in the crib he is walking around the sides by holding on, and starting to let go with one hand. We are expecting him to take off running really soon.

Cedric is gaining speed across the floor. He prefers to use his arms to pull himself around though. He doesn't really use his knees to crawl traditionally. He is really happy to be on the move and turns around to make sure people are watching. He is also pulling himself up, but isn't all that excited about it just yet.

Both boys really like to float around in the pool. We had a nice swim session yesterday to escape the Delhi heat. We also made a trip out to Saket to one of the fourteen Mothercare stores and finally found high-chairs that are not plastic. The boys loved people watching at the mall and really enjoyed the day out and about.

We are busy working on travel plans. Douglas and I both have work trips planned. I am going to Singapore next month and he is going to Munich in mid-October. I have also just finalized our trip to Hong Kong for Doug's 30th birthday! Then in November we are escaping Delhi for a few days to avoid Diwali (loosely translates to chaos and noise). My mother is going to meet us in Istanbul and then come back to India with us for two weeks over Thanksgiving. Then lastly we are working on winter break travel plans to a beach in South East Asia that we have not yet visited. I will let you know if we find one!

The teeth tally is Ezra 3 and Cedric 2.

Family Photo Time
"Take my picture!"
"Look what I can do!"
"Are we done yet?"... "I'm out of here!"

Saturday, August 11, 2012


So, we've taken a little blogging hiatus while we've been getting readjusted to being at work and back in India. And while I'm not feeling inspired to blog quite yet, I did want to let you know about a great experience we had with a wonderful photographer in Indianapolis before we left. Molly Connor is a photographer in Indianapolis, and we had a great time while she took beautiful pictures of the boys and their cousins. Here are a few of my favorite shots.