Monday, September 19, 2011

Two-Hundred Days

I noticed the fishbowl is showing we have been pregnant for two hundred days. That is really cool. I remember when the thing said two hundred more days to go! It is hard to believe that we are racing to the finish line already. Time has just flown by. The nursery furniture arrived yesterday. The cribs were bungee strapped to the top of a auto rickshaw. It would have been a baby book worthy picture for sure, but the camera was upstairs. Better luck next time.

One crib is assembled, and the other one was missing the package of nuts and bolts. My guess is they flew out of the box while the tuk-tuk was racing across Delhi to our house. They should be bringing another set of tools tonight to complete that set up. The changing table/chest will be delivered some time this week.

Things are taking shape around our house. It is getting more and more baby-fied by the day. It is fun to go baby shopping. We spent both Friday and Saturday evenings at the mall. It was pretty awkward walking through Saket mall with two empty car seats though. I could feel people watching us and thinking: 1: "Where are the babies?" 2. "Where is the mother?" That was just my perception... but maybe they were all saying "Look at those cute gays who are obviously about to have the best time in their lives!"

We are traveling up to Amritsar for Doug's birthday on Friday with two awesome friends. We have wanted to go up there since we arrived in India, so let's hope the Golden Temple doesn't disappoint!



  1. 200 days to 80 -- so excited for you guys! Hoping we have the same journey. GOOD LUCK YOU GUYS!

  2. 200 days feels so good..... it will not be long now!

  3. Oh wow-- so much excitement!!! Cannot wait to see the final nursery product-- photos please!