Saturday, September 17, 2011

Shopping Foibles

Sometimes living in Delhi is unreal. Wait, scratch that. Living in Delhi is unreal a lot of the time. Pretty much any time that we go outside of the four gated walls of the compound on which we live. I was driving to the mall today to do some scouting for cribs and drove past an elephant walking the other way amidst the deluge of traffic. That actually doesn't happen too often in the city, but I counted it as a much needed sign of good luck, especially since I broke a Ganesh statue on my desk at work the other day. How do you give a proper burial to a Hindu god?

Anyhow, once I got to the mall, I found what I needed to find. Sort of. There are approximately six different MotherCare stores in the greater Delhi area. Last night, Chad and I went to one and found a crib that we liked, but not in the finish that we liked, so I was basically scouting around for the store that would have two in stock with the proper finish, and I found what I was looking for at MotherCare #2. Unfortunately, though, they didn't have the correct carseats. So, on to MC #3, which happened to be hidden away in the mall next door (yes, literally, next door).

Somewhere, on some security footage stored in some back room at Ambience Mall in Delhi, there is now a picture of a crazy white boy taking down the car seats from the shelf and trying out his carseat/stroller adaptor to assure proper fit with the aforementioned carseats. And then, there is footage of said white boy being unable to remove his stroller/carseat adapter from the carseat. And, finally, there is footage of him being surrounded by two slightly perturbed, slightly amused Indian workers finding the now very red-with-embarassment caucasian, and helping him remove his apparatus.

While I didn't get kicked out of MotherCare #3, I definitely left with my tail between my legs, and some sweat stains underneath my arms. And proceeded to go to the biggest sporting goods store I've ever seen in India, hoping beyond hope that they would have baseball gloves (Chad and I have a softball game tomorrow, and my blistered hand hasn't recovered from practice last weekend). I found tennis gloves, and while bent over looking at them, my rear bumped into a golf bag full of clubs, which bumped into another and then, like dominos, the bags just kept falling over.

Not my day for shopping, as evidenced by the half dozen department store works I left scratching their heads about what had just happened.

Ah, incredible India! How will we ever live anywhere else and manage to stay awake?



  1. LOL! - do you think the Ganesh Statue had anything to do with this??

  2. Ha! That's great!!! Adventures in Pre-Parenting Part I!