Friday, September 30, 2011

A Little Heavy On The Emotions

Fear, joy, pressure, sympathy, and stress all come to mind. We are getting closer by the minute to having a house full of babies, and I am having elevated levels of everything. I am fearful I won't be the parent I want to be. I feel pressure to get things done before the babies come, and I am not sure I have enough time. I feel sympathy for our surrogate who must be struggling to move. There is a virtual whirlwind flashing before my eyes. It will all fall into place. I am confident my husband and I will make it happen.

We have our thirty week ultrasound tomorrow morning at 11am. We also plan to take a tour of the baby unit at the hospital. We have been to this hospital before and were super impressed by the facilities. They have all the latest and greatest bells and whistles, as well as private parenting suites that are nicer than some of the hotels we have stayed in. It is also the first hospital in India to be paperless. Go digital and go green!

Amritsar was an awesome trip. We took the express train from Delhi and reached our hotel around lunch time. The food in Punjab is amazing. It was so full of flavor, but it was not overly spicy. The India-Pakistan border ceremony is a sight to see. If you have extra time in India you can't miss it. You can YouTube it... search Waggah Border. The Golden Temple, the Sikh's holiest place, is a sight also. You should visit there at night and during the day to get the full perspective. We had dinner at a dive of a place on the side of the road before our train back to Delhi. I was concerned by the look of the place, but the food turned out to be amazing. Tandoori everything... love Punjab.

The monsoon has officially ended in Delhi. The weather is very nice with cool mornings and pleasant temperatures. If you are planning a trip to Delhi soon bring a few long sleeves because the mornings are chilly. Bring your bug spray though because it is now Dengue season and the last thing you need is to get that and a newborn!

Happy October... where did September go?



  1. Glad the rain has stopped!
    Any anxiety you have will disappear when you become's cliche to say but your instincts will amaze you. And you'll be too busy to be nervous about anything anyway.
    Congrats on getting to an important milestone....not long now before you'll be swimming in love!

  2. I totally understand your emotions right now! It's crazy how close we are to meeting our babies. Have fun at your ultrasound appt tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up on dengue season.