Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Top Five Top Ten Things We Don't Need

Today at lunch, I got accused of being a frugal midwesterner (this was after I told the people at my lunch table that our financial plan for sending the twins to college was to have one go first semester and the other go second semester and then have them swap notes). In honor of that, I decided to start researching the things that we aren't buying. I think this is going to be my favorite post in a while. Here are the lists of things you don't need, and here's our score for what we're not buying.

This first list comes to us from the blog Simple Mom, and includes things like shopping cart covers, diaper pails and baby lotion. Out of the whole total of this list we are not buying 5/ 8.
This next list is one of my favorites that I've found so far. It comes from CBS Moneywatch and includes the truly ridiculous, such as: jeweled pacifiers, baby cable television, and baby perfume. Of these unnecessary things, we are not planning on purchasing 9/10.

When I saw changing table on here, I thought this list might make me start questioning my midwestern frugality (we are waiting on our changing table to be delivered as we speak). But, when I looked at the rest of the list from the consumer webazine Savysugar, we did OK. We are not buying 9/10. So far our score is 23/28 items. We're doing OK.  

Here's an interesting list from VegFamily (the magazine for vegan family living-- no, we're not vegan). While we don't plan on buying any disposable diapers, I have a feeling that at some point, we will break down on a trip or in a car and buy something that we can throw away. This is the second list that includes baby lotion. Hmm... I actually thought we needed that! Our score for not buying: 3/10. Ouch!! There goes our thrifty average!

And finally, here's a list from the British site iVillage. We didn't do very well on this one. In our defense, a couple of these things (like the Moses basket) are available in Indian markets for really cheap, so it hardly counts. And, seriously, who doesn't buy toys for their newborn?!?  Our score, not buying 4/10. 

So, the grand total is not buying 30/48 things? Is that sufficiently stingy for two guys from Indiana? I hope so! Cheers to everyone for a great weekend. Chad and I are headed to Amritsar with two good friends. This may be our last trip without babies. That's more than a little weird to think about! 


  1. Looking at your lists of what not to buy, I guess I am also a "cheap midwesterner". The only things we are buying on these lists is toys (only a couple) and disposable diapers. While we plan to use cloth diapers when we are at home, while we are in India and travelling we will be using eco-friendly disposables!

    I really like your idea about sharing the college experience! Our financial advisor just told us that private school for the twins in future dollars will cost $1.2 MILLION - poor kids! I guess we will be moving back to Wisconsin, so they can go to a state school like me:)

    We are both so close now! Despite not buying much, our apartment is exploding with baby stuff. So exciting!


  2. Stacey, I swear sometimes that we are on parallel paths. We just met with a financial adviser this last week. Yikes!

    We had a mini crisis this last week when we got the cribs and the changing table, and started talking about a love seat and we realized that we don't have enough room in our nursery! I made Chad try about 10 different nursery configurations (my Dad hates it when my Mom makes him move furniture... am I turning into my mother????). I think we got it figured out, I think...

  3. I love this baby banter. What a wonderful place to baby banter!!!! Hopefully we'll be there soon. The cool thing is that you'll be taking your babies to amazing places in India and you'll look back on it and treasure every moment!

  4. Ohhh... I really like that college idea. LOL. I am definitely going to check out your lists and see where we rank. All is bought so can't go back now, but still will be neat to see. Keep going strong guys!