Saturday, September 24, 2011

Did You Notice?

We have been hitting many milestones lately. We just passed 29 weeks last week. This coming week we will cross the big 30 week threshold (ah... that will feel so good!). I had a birthday yesterday. And our blog passed 10,000 views this last week (OK, yes, I admit that I hit refresh several times over in order to be the 10,000th page view; but, it still counts)!

We are off in a few minutes to visit Pakistan. Yep. We're going to the border. I don't think we'll be crossing into Pakistan (actually, I know we won't be doing that). but we'll be coming close. 



  1. Happy birthday! Cheers to your BEST YEAR EVER!!!

  2. Um, wow, cool! Pakistan! Enjoy your trip (almost) there! Congrats on the 10,000 hits and on the babies!

  3. Happy Birthday, happy milestones and I am also BUSTING at the seams now that we are in Nov. I have to remind myself to breath....... Here we go... not long now at all!

  4. life is all about milestones. congrats on all of them and happy belated!