Thursday, September 15, 2011

Twenty-Eight Weeks

We are twenty-eight weeks pregnant today. So happy to be here and are hoping for ten more weeks of baby baking. We received a doctors report yesterday and everything checked out normal. Surromama is doing fine and taking it easy at home. We will have an ultrasound on October 1st and we hope to be present for that special screening.

I was in Shanghai last week for a technology conference. The irony of going to China for a tech conference and not being able to access things such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube didn't escape me. I didn't think the government restricted internet would get to me, but it did. Without Google you can't answer the important dinner question like "How old is Tina Turner?" Other than those unanswered questions, my colleagues and I had a great time exploring the city and doing some shopping. I couldn't resist buying two panda bears for our twins.

We are going shopping to buy our nursery furniture tomorrow. When I announced this at the lunch table yesterday everyone volunteered to come shopping with us. It feels great to live in such a supportive community.

Let the shopping begin!



  1. Have fun shopping!

    How old is Tina, anyway?

  2. I've always wanted to go to Shanghai! But the restricted internet thing blows. Congrats on 28 weeks!!!

  3. Jesse: Tina is 71 now!
    Doug: Shanghai was a fun city. Great night life and social scene. The air pollution was really bad. I had to Google what the skyline was actually supposed to look like!

  4. So pleased it is all going well... soon they will be here! Our 3 are just delightful... so much fun and interacting more each day! Still yet to have them sleep through the night but Oliver has on 2 occassions and Anastasia once.... Harrison and I are battling about his sleep pattern! lol
    Hope the next 8-10 weeks go quitely as well as quickly.... Take care

  5. 28 weeks already!! Wow, not long now! I cannot wait to see you both with these two lovely bundles in the very near future.