Thursday, August 18, 2011

This Happens Every Now and Then

Got this message in my inbox at work this morning from the US Embassy. For those of you in India right now, just be aware:

Dear American citizens:

We bring this emergency message to your attention so you can carefully

consider the information it contains. Please pass along the information

below to the U.S. citizens in your area or put this information on your

notice boards for dissemination. Thank you for your cooperation.

The U.S. Embassy wishes to alert U.S. citizens about large

demonstrations currently taking place in Central Delhi. You are urged

avoid areas around Connaught Place and India Gate. Please monitor local

television and print media for further information and updates about the

current situation in the affected areas.

The email makes no mention of any specific danger. When these types of events have taken place over our 3+ years in India, it typically means just avoid being in the above mentioned places, and be alert when in markets. For those wanting further information about what is going on, check out the continuing coverage on The Times of India, or read the very interesting article about Anna Hazare on Wikipedia.

Personally, I really hope that there is success in passing a strong anti-corruption bill. So, I wish success, safety and peace to the protesters.


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