Friday, August 19, 2011

It's Finally Friday

Let the good times roll!

Yesterday we crossed the 24 week mark in our journey to become awesome parents. Cheers to that! Seema had a routine checkup yesterday and we should be getting the official report before the end of the day. As far as we know everyone is healthy, happy, and growing.

We have not been in a baby store since we left America. I think we might have to have a shopping excursion this weekend. I am really excited to go buy everything and get the nursery set up. I have been trying to persuade Douglas into letting me put our stroller together, but have been unsuccessful so far. He is right... "it will just be in the way." Although maybe we could start off season training our labrador how to pull it?!?

On the work front, I got invited to a conference in Shanghai next month. This will be my first time in China and I am super excited. It is bound to be a good time since there are so many awesome people going along.

Last weekend we brought home four rugs from the carpet party. Three of them are a no-go and one of them I am starting to fall for. My big hangup is that it is really dark and our labrador shedder is really light; however since Douglas loves it I guess it is a keeper. The carpet man will come on Sunday to collect the three we don't want to keep, and probably show us more rugs. In the mean time we are making a run over to the competitor carpet man Saturday to check out his selections. Just in case we find something that we like better!

Happy hour in seven!

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  1. HAPPY 24 WEEKS!!!!! I am so excited for you guys and those BABIES!