Sunday, August 14, 2011

My Favorite Things

Who doesn't like raindrops on roses?

Last night we had a few friends over after a carpet party thrown by some of our colleagues (yes, that's what we do in India for fun, throw parties and buy expensive, but way WAY underpriced by American standards carpets). The dealer explains where the rug comes from, how old it is, how much it costs and then lets you take it home for a week to try it.

We brought home four. Now, we absolutely cannot afford four of these rugs right now, but they're fun to try out, and we probably will end up buying one (a 50 year old Armenian rug that is quite dark, but beautiful).

Anyhow, the carpet part isn't really the part of the story I wanted to tell, just an amusing aside about ex-pat life in Delhi. We had dinner in our apartment with four impromptu guests. Luckily, I had already given myself the goal of making Lasagna entirely from scratch (homemade sauce and homemade noodles). I'm sure it looked like there was a mad man in the kitchen when they showed up. I had sheets of pasta everywhere. But it wasn't long until things got settled, and the pasta got into the oven.

This leads me to my two favorite things: food and friends. I've loved coming back to Delhi this year as we have been surrounded by the most supportive people. I can't help but want to cook for them! I feel like we are just any other couple having a baby, and our friends are so excited for us.

In honor of my fun weekend with food and friends, here is a new cooking website for you to check out: Chasing Delicious. I love the simple, beautiful pictures in this blog, and the lasagna recipe I sort-of-followed was to die for. And, if any of our blog friends come to Delhi, we promise that we will take you carpet shopping (there's really no shopping experience like it!), and then we can gaggle over some good grub.

If you haven't spent some time with your favorite things lately, go do it. It does the body and soul some definite good.



  1. Hey Doug, the lasagna sounds great! Watch out, you may have dinner guests! It's good that you are finding ways to continue growing during this process. Last year, a counselor told my support group to not let the process hold us hostage. Although our lives are sometimes measured by 2 week waits and weekly updates, it's important to do something we love everyday. Our lives have to continue regardless of where we are in the process - easier said than done.

    I also do a homeade lasagna and have found that I can substitute marscapone cheese for the ricotta and it is creamier. I don't know if they have that in the Delhi markets, but if they do, you might try a variation!

  2. I love it! Like Pampered Chef parties with an Indian twist. Btw, the one pictured is beautiful-- I think it's a keeper.

  3. Love the rug party idea! We just bought a new rug last weekend and decided we would be buying at least one when we are in Delhi this we might need to take you up on your offer.

  4. Allie, we're always up for dinner guests. Sometimes it is hard to stay in the moment. But, we do our best.

    Bernadette, I am guessing that you made it safe and sound back to the US. Have you recovered from jet lag yet?

    CyberKhans, the rugs fold up so compactly! We have our favorite rug dealers here in Delhi, and there's a great store in Agra. We can definitely hook you up!