Monday, August 22, 2011

Children's Music Review #1

I am privileged to work as the music teacher for younger elementary students in a great school here in Delhi. In that capacity, I sometimes get asked what music I would recommend for home listening.

That's a great question, and although it's a little early to be thinking about what music I am going to share with my own babies first, I have been thinking about our nursery playlist. So, I've decided to compile a top ten children's music list.

The first CD I'd like to share is Doc Watson's Songs for Little Pickers.

Here, Doc is playing with fellow folk musician David Holt.

Doc Watson is a powerhouse of American folk, bluegrass and country music, and one of the true virtuosos of flatpicking on the accoustic guitar. Born in North Carolina in the late 20's, this blind musician has few rivals when it comes to musicianship.

The reason why I love this CD is it takes so many of the songs we are familiar with from childhood and removes all off the candy-coating and dumbing down that often accompanies music specifically marketed as children's music. Doc takes these songs back to their roots, and shares them to a new generation in a way that children love, and even adults find entertaining. In short, this is a CD that your kids will love, and you will actually want to listen to as well.

Tracks on this CD are:
Froggy Went A Courtin
The Tennessee Stud
Crawdad Hole
John Henry
And the Green Grass Grew All Around
The Riddle Song
Sing Song Kitty
Mole in the Ground
Shady Grove
Liza Jane
Mama Blues
Talking Guitar
Sally Goodin

This CD is definitely going on the top of my nursery playlist. It is available on iTunes and through Amazon.

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