Monday, March 14, 2011

Opening Windows

We've thrown open the windows. It's been lovely here in Delhi with copious amounts of sunshine, and clear skies. So, we've taken what opportunities we can to open up the double doors that go out to the screen porch, and even the door that opens directly onto the cemented back yard. The breeze blowing through the house has been sweeping out the stale air. Thankfully, Delhi hasn't seemed very polluted as of late.

We've also taken big steps lately on our journey to parenthood. On Sunday, we met the oven where our little bun will be heating up for nine months. The meeting, although short, gave us the opportunity to ask a few questions; and, it afforded her the same opportunity. We wanted to know about her health, what her other pregnancies had been like, and whether or not her family was ready for and supportive of this journey. Her answers were affirming, and her husband, who was also there, seemed quite sincere in his support. They have two daughters, and they intimated that they were doing this for their daughters. Baby Doctor asked whether or not they would have problems giving the baby to us, and they laughed and said "No," they have enough children of their own.

We were also comforted by the fact that our surrogate is not as petite as so many Indian women that we see in Delhi. We hadn't really thought about the necessity of a surrogate with a larger frame, but more and more we have been thinking about the elevated possibility of having twins. It is quite difficult for us to contemplate four little feet running around.

All in all, it has been an eventful, and beautiful few days. What's more, in the next few days, we will know the exact date of the egg extraction, semen collection, fertilization and implantation. Excitement is buzzing all around us.

Yes, we have been about the business of opening windows for ourselves, and the air has been full of possibilities!

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