Thursday, March 24, 2011

No Word from Tom

There is no official baby news to report, other than that this is turning out to be the longest two weeks of our lives. Chad and I are both visited every night be recurring baby dreams. And, it turns out, so are some of our friends. I have had two colleagues tell me that they have dreamed as of late of Chad and me having a baby. One of them actually dreamed that Chad was pregnant (that would definitely simplify things).

The only thing that could possibly be considered news is that we got the official, unofficial word that we would be moving next year to an apartment on the school campus. There are about 40 families or so that live on the school grounds of where we work. The on-campus housing is a wonderful space for children, and there will be several tiny tots born to our collegial family next year. Of the 20 faculty members that we came to Delhi with 3 years ago, 2 couples are already pregnant, and there is another couple besides us that is trying to get pregnant through IVF. All of that just to say that there is a very supportive community around us.

Our pregnancy test will be during the Monday of Spring Break. So, we won't even be in Delhi when we hear the news. Although we'll be up in the mountains we have been told that we will have cell phone service (the Indians are just crazy for their cell phones!). But, now I'm starting to get nervous about being away.

In the meanwhile, I'm feeling that the blog has been void of pictures/videos, so I'm making an obscure opera reference in honor of our silent embryos. We definitely are not thinking of Tom for a name, still, the sentiment in the aria is one we echo:"We'd really like to hear from you all, but take your time! Get good and cozy!!"

From The Rake's Progress by Stravinsky: "No Word from Tom"

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