Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hang On Little Ones!

Right now our embryos are floating around in our surrogate. Talk about surreal!

Having been in India for about 3 years, we are now well aware of Indians' feelings about auspiciousness. There are auspicious colors that people wear on a weakly basis, and there are auspicious days for big events. Usually, people who are planning events like weddings consult an astrologer to decide when the event should take place.

So, no, we didn't consult our neighborhood astrologer about the conception and implantation of our little embryos. But we decided on the way home that today is an auspicious day for two reasons. First, there is a full moon tonight. And the moon is as close to earth as it will be for quite some time. Second, it is Holi weekend. For those of you who do not celebrate, Holi is a festival of color to mark the end of the winter season. It is also our favorite holiday. We will be gathering with many of our friends at our house tomorrow to throw colors on each other. Good times will be had by all!

But I'm sure that there will be a part of my mind that won't be able to escape pondering what is happening across the city inside the body of our surrogate. I will be sending my positive thoughts for sticky embryos. If you don't mind, I would appreciate if you would do the same.

Cheers and Happy Holi,

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