Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Eight-Ball Says

The two week wait is just creeping by. So today I consulted the magic eight-ball to get some real answers.

1. Are we pregnant? "It is decidedly so"
2. Are we going to have twins? "Without a doubt"
3. Will they both be girls? "Signs point to yes"
4. Will they be blonde? "Don't count on it"

I hope all this comes true! I totally asked the blonde question to gauge the accuracy. The chance of a blonde child with Indian genes is slim to none.

A rush of fear just ran through me... what if we have two little ladies running around.

Who thinks the doctor should do the test on Saturday April 2nd? It would technically be on day 14 since the transfer... but since it was an evening transfer the doctor is saying it shouldn't be counted as the day. On top of that the technical day 14 falls on Sunday meaning the appointment will happen on Monday. I vote for an early appointment; nobody should have to wait 16 days for good news!



  1. Oh the darned 2 week wait! It truly feels like a life time. Hoping for fantastic news VERY soon!

  2. You guys are SO Positive, I Love it! Its like a big tease making you wait for Monday. Think of the celebrations you can have while your away.

  3. This wait is killing me too!!

  4. Mary Mary, we just had your son over for dinner. When he went to set the table, he set it for 4. He's a great kid. And we miss you! Love to you, your mom and Frazier.