Sunday, March 6, 2011

Delay of Game

Well, it seems that everything was not as we thought it would be this weekend. On Friday, we were expecting to have news about numbers of eggs and extraction and fertilization and implantation. But, we are not quite at that stage. Somehow there was a miscommunication, and Baby Mama didn't get her period until later than was anticipated. So, now we have to wait until next weekend to find out the things we thought we were going to find out this weekend. Yes, it's disappointing to not have the information we thought we were going to have; but, according to Dr. Indiran, things look like they're going as they should.

Meanwhile, Chad and I have been kicking around baby names, and we finally have at least one girl name that we like. I hope that talking about names isn't tempting fate, but I am certain that posting one on the interwebs would be, so I am definitely not going to do that!

In non-baby-related news, it was a LOVELY weekend here in Delhi, and our dog got plenty of attention. I think that we even wore her out a couple of times, which is saying something!


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