Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thirty-Two Weeks

Let me hear a hooray! Everything is quite on the baby front. Surro-mama and babies are resting comfortably at home. At this point their little lungs should be close to functional and ready to scream "feed me" in the middle of the night. The majority of the next few weeks is dedicated to fat building. Genetically speaking they should be good at that thinking back to our summer in the states. We hope they stay put for a few weeks longer. We want healthy and fat babies to bring home. It is hard to believe we are about five weeks out!

Douglas left for Belgium last night. Kinda jealous of the Europe trip, but he will be too busy supervising HS students to have much fun. I took full advantage this morning and may or may not have hit snooze several times, and I may or may not have given Jyoti proper exercise. Although every time he leaves I get a good story like I did this morning...

It was very quite around the house this morning until I went outside to water my vegetables. I was surprised/terrified to see a pigeon had made his way inside the bird netting and couldn't find his way out. I startled him and he flew into the net, the door, and the window. I solicited a solution from our neighbor and she recommended I call the emergency school number and have someone else deal with it. I thought about it... but envisioned ten men standing on each other's shoulders shaking sticks and eventually knocking all my plants over and the bird would still be on the balcony in the end. I decided to go to work and let the bird calm down. About an hour later I ran back home and from the kitchen window was able to detach one side of the netting. Then I scared the bird into flying that direction and when he hit the net he broke free! That will be the last time he tries to peep in on us. I deserve a medal or something: "Bird Eradicator Extraordinaire".



  1. Bill is out of town too and I took advantage of sleeping in and not necessarily exercising Chloe as much and being a glutton for take-out food. I seriously haven't cooked a meal at home since last Friday night. And it definitely sounds like you've gone through your "rite of passage" for becoming a parent after the bird incident :-)

    Happy 32 weeks and here's to a lot of fat-building!


  2. 32 weeks is such a great point..I loved it!! I am so happy all is well and babies are doing good. You have been blessed with a wonderful pregnancy so far.

  3. HOORAY for 32 weeks!