Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thirty-Three Weeks

Our babies and surro-mama are resting comfortably at home. Everything has been quite, and we hope it stays that way for a few more weeks. The babies should be around four pounds each now. Lets hope that baby A is letting baby B catch up since our last scan. Their lungs should be functional by now and they should be gaining about a 1/2 lb each week now. We will have another ultrasound next week. We hope to get some great 3-D images to post this time.

We went over to the embassy yesterday to get an idea of what will go down in the coming weeks. Only one thing caught us by surprise. Apparently you have to order your DNA testing kits from the States, and have them delivered to the embassy PRIOR to having your interview. I didn't get that memo from reading their website. So we are very glad that we went over for a briefing before the babies come. Now we have to decide which company to use, and which type of tests to order. Does anyone have a recommendation and the test type? "At home private" or "Legal"? Does the cost of the test kit include the analysis and results?

We are meeting with Dr. Indira on Saturday to go over the delivery logistics. It is hard to believe it is almost time. We will be running around Delhi enjoying ourselves next week. We have the entire week off for fall break. It will be our last free week for awhile.



  1. Hi Chad,

    So happy to hear everything is quiet with your twins! We have not gone to the embassy for a debrief, but have emailed with Nancy Hamilton and I have been led to believe no DNA test will be needed, if the medical records clearly show paternity.

    It would be great to meet up next week, if you guys have time. My email is

  2. So happy to hear all this good news about babies being quiet and that you have time to get your DNA kit before the babies arrive.
    Take care and here is to another few weeks of quiet and growth.

  3. So close now... wow you guys are in for a fantastic new life. Enjoy the rest while you can! Take care is hard to believe our 3 are nearly 6 months!

  4. Wow, it's so close!!! Enjoy your week off from school!

  5. DNA test isn't required if you're a client of SCI as US Embassy is satisfied SCI's paperwork establishes paternity. You would have similar paperwork I imagine, so maybe you can also get around the testing. Last I heard the kits cost around $750 and they include the testing.

  6. The waiting sucks but atleast you guys are a rickshaw ride away when the time comes!!! Very exciting times!!!