Wednesday, October 26, 2011

All Clean

Yesterday we made our way through the market and the mall to get a few new things. After seeing how much Labrador hair our housekeeper swept up on Monday we decided to get a vacuum cleaner. We are now the proud owners of a fuchsia colored vacuum. We also picked up some baskets and containers to keep the baby necessities organized. We will see how well we organize our organizer.

Douglas is in bed and under the weather. It never fails that on the loudest day of the year someone gets sick. It is Diwali today. Which is the equivalent of New Years, Christmas, and the Fourth of July rolled up into a bunch of noise. Definitely not our favorite holiday. Nonetheless Happy Diwali.

I opened and washed everything today. All of our bottles and pacifiers are squeaky clean. I clicked this picture while everything was drying. Then I did the math for a twenty hour journey to Indianapolis and realized that everything on the counter would be required. Luckily we also snagged a new set of wine glasses while we were out!



  1. Happy Diwali! Please dont get the bottles and the wine glasses mixed up! ...waiting anxiously...

  2. Happy Diwali, I was going to say one bottle for babies one glass for you guys..... It could work....

  3. Wait - you have to feed babies on a plane? How inconvenient ;)
    Getting so close guys!

  4. LOVE the wine glasses next to the bottles!!!!! You will sure need a glass or two in the years to come. Lol! Happy Diwali. Cant wait for baby pics!!

  5. Love the picture! Incredible to think of what that trip home will be like! :)

  6. I don't know if you have these available but I found a product that is sort of like a ziploc bag. You put a tiny amount of water in it along with your bottles, nipples, pacifiers, etc... Then you put it in the microwave. It steams the items and sterilizes them - the bag is not toxic for the items either. I would use it 1/week for the twins. I found these when the twins were almost off bottles and wished I had found them earlier.

    I definitely think you might want to keep those wine glasses clean too! :)