Saturday, October 1, 2011

Nursery Reveal!

After months of anticipation, we finally completed all of the major work in putting our nursery together. We are really pleased with the results, and can't wait to introduce our kids into their space.

There were two big challenges in designing this space. First, not knowing whether we're having boys, girls, or one of each. So, the colors needed to be more-or-less gender non-specific. Second, our nursery is not very big. Fitting two cribs, a changing table and a love seat into one space took a lot of trial and error.

Our nursery has been a work in progress for about a month now. Actually, the germinal idea for our nursery came from two baby blankets purchased way back in the spring by Mary, one of our greatest friends here in Delhi. The blankets, in delicate crimson and grey, were block printed with beautiful designs. Something just seemed to click with both of us about the colors and the design (both of my parents are Ohio State grads, so it's possible I was conditioned to love those colors from a very young age).

The baby blankets came from Anoukhi in Khan Market, a store that sells beautiful textiles of all types.Next came a beautiful Indian rug, brought to us by Lordson's Carpet. If you are in Delhi and are looking to purchase your next family heirloom, you should look up Mr. Lordson.


Then we added in two natural wood cribs and a changing table from Mothercare. While we were hunting for cribs and carseats we found four paintings of common modes of transportation in India: bus, rickshaw, bicycle and taxi. Up close, you can see that each of the paintings is a group of small word typically associated with mass transit in India.

Next, we spent a ridiculous amount of time hunting for the right fabric to match the crimson in our carpet (which matched the crimson in the baby blanket). We finally found the right texture, color and pattern at Lal Furnishings in Sarojini Nagar Market. This really fun market has been transformed over the years since we've been in Delhi into a great one-stop place for all you could possibly need in India. Prices are still lower at this market than many of the other markets in Delhi.

We owe my boss, Susan a big thanks as well for helping us Feng Shui the placement of the art in our nursery.

Then we added some fun, soft things. I got the sleep sheep in the US, and Chad got the pandas on his recent trip to China (Yes, we know, you're not supposed to put stuffed animals in cribs... but they're fine for now. And, they're super cute!)

Finally, we added four soft pillows from my new favorite store in India, Maspar. The blue, off-white and the green bring out the non-red colors in the rug, and soften up the room quite a bit. We we're also lucky to acquire a love seat from one of our co-workers whose family has outgrown it.  It will be perfect for those late-night feeds when we just can't make it back to our own bed.

So, finally, after all of the tailors, carpet sellers, carpenters, delivery people and painters have come an gone, this is the end result. And we are really pleased with how everything came together.  But, now, we are SO ready to have our kids here with us that it's hardly bearable!


  1. Love it! The neutrals will hold up to the test of time. Oh, and the artwork of the transportation is GORGEOUS!!! I've already pulled up the Anokhi website because the blankets are just beautiful. I'm so excited for you guys!!! You've prepared a wonderful place for your little ones!

  2. Thanks Allie! We love the neutral woods too. Those cribs are missing some important little occupants, though!

  3. Looks gorgeous, not surprised by that!! I love the Tuk Tuk art, so fitting. Now, I cannot wait for the news of the safe arrival of these babies!!!

  4. Gorgeous Nursery. It looks warm and calming. Love all the art work and beautiful textiles. Not long now!!!!!

  5. I really love that rikshaw artwork! How can I get one? You guys have very similar taste to the rug too...we bought one in Delhi when we went to the Taj two years ago. Great job, guys...and I wanna see these babies...can't wait!

  6. Great job on the nursery! Won't be long now before 2 babies are occupying those cribs! So exciting! :-)

  7. Beautiful!! Want to come and makeover my entire house?? :)

  8. I LOVE the nursery!!! Can't wait to see pictures of your sweet babies in there:) Love you both!