Wednesday, June 26, 2013

No Thanks, Dad

Can you tell which food item Cedric didn't appreciate, and politely separated (and didn't throw on the floor... YAY!) from the rest of the edible food? I guess string cheese isn't his thing!
In other news, yesterday's post really wasn't me seeking affirmation about my parenting skills (although I feel embraced and affirmed by the people who responded to it). I was more or less trying to express feelings that I think many parents have. I hope I wasn't being a needy blogger!  

Cheers to all!


  1. Your boys are doing well. You two are being the best parents possible. Your son is even polite in declining cheese. TOTALLY FINE FAMILY.
    All loving caring parents worry. You two dads are doing great!

  2. Hahahaha no I relate to you completely, I constantly think are we doing ok? My hubby doesn't worry.
    No neediness sensed here :-)