Monday, June 3, 2013

Bounce Time

Doug and I made our last circle around Delhi today picking up some last minute items. We also stopped by the spa to treat ourselves to a massage, mani, and pedi! It is way too hot this time of year to be running around... but it was worth it.

We apologize in advance to anyone who forgets their headphones on the United flight to Newark tonight. Keep an eye out for a traveling circus... it will be us!

Both boys are having troubles with their teeth right now. Ezra and Cedric are sprouting teeth (6 and 4) respectively simultaneously. So it should be an interesting flight.

Looking forward to family time and cool temps!

Here we come America!



  1. Good luck on that flight and enjoy!!! Hooray summer!

  2. Yay yay yay!!! If you ever make it around the Atlanta area - give us a holler. Have a safe and happy flight. Hopefully the teeth will burst through fast.

  3. Have a safe flight. I'd love to hear your thoughts about that flight as that is the same flight I'm taking for baby pickup.