Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Countdown Season

We are in the home stretch. It is odd to say that since technically India is our home, but nevertheless we are about to bounce out of the hot box for the summer holiday. Our ayah asked this morning who was going to take care of the twins over the summer. I suppose she is concerned that we are not capable, but I think we will manage.

The temps are hitting 115 F or 46 C daily. It is so hot that when you go outside you can feel your skin retreating and your eyes start watering. Our daily routine includes air conditioned playtime and swimming.

It is 10am...

I noticed a few days ago that Jyoti (our labrador) was getting a little thick around the middle. The vet has been forever telling me that she was getting too heavy, but I was in denial considering some of the dogs I have seen. She always tacks on a few extra pounds when we leave for the summer, but she might drop a few pounds since she won't be cleaning up after the boys.

Time to starting making to-do lists...

12 days until we are in the states for 9 weeks!


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  1. We're in the countdown mode until the end of school too! Matter of fact, I started packing the classroom and clearing walls today! Hope all is well with you guys! Hate that we'll miss you AGAIN this year! But, I don't blame you for fleeing the heat of Delhi in June! I'm pretty sure I could be certified as a lunatic for heading in the opposite direction during that month!