Saturday, July 14, 2012

Two Years

Two years ago today we crossed the Mississippi and entered the great state of Iowa. We grabbed a quick lunch and then jumped over to a office building where we got married in their conference room. It was far from fancy, but it was official. At least in the state of Iowa. 

During the adoption hearing Thursday was the first official time we outright declared that we were husbands. Indiana does not recognize our marriage, but our attorney wanted it to be in the court testimony that we were in fact married. It felt so liberating when asked "What is your relationship with Douglas?" and my response was "He is my husband."

We have been together five amazing years. and legally married for the last two.



  1. If it's in the books it's official. congratulations you two!

  2. awwww that actually brought tears to my eye. happy anniversary!

  3. Congratulations you two. Your relationship is a great role model.