Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Anderson, My Alma Mater

The title of this post is actually supposed to be sung to the tune of, well, the AU Alma Mater. The boys and I took a trip up to Anderson, where I received my undergraduate degree way back when my hair was a little less gray and a little more plentiful. I am not sure they realized how special it was for me to take them to a place that represents so many wonderful memories, but nevertheless, good times were had by all!


  1. This photo needs a caption...still thinking.
    I know what you mean about the memories from days gone by, for sure. When Bill and I were heading east to wait for Cristina's arrival we stopped in LA and I took him to Pepperdine, where I attended college. We ate at the sandwich shop I used to go to all the time, met up with my old volleyball coach, and toured around the campus. It was good times. And then when we went back east Bill took me to his old stomping grounds at Catholic University and he walked me around. It was something we never planned on doing on this trip but it was so special since we were about to start a completely new chapter in our lives.

    Ok, still don't have the caption but it's late and I'm brain dead. Happy summer vacationing all you boys...

  2. I haven't been to Anderson in so long. Maybe I'll be able to take Luke and Kate there some time soon.

  3. Hey guys. Been reading you blog like crazy and loving the lives you lead. I am wondering if you could tell me the name and brand of pram you have and perhaps review it.
    Best regards,