Thursday, July 19, 2012

Kick the Chick

One of our resolutions heading into the summer (one that I am proud to say we've stuck to) was to avoid going to one of our formerly favorite restaurant. Yep, we've boycotted Chick-fil-a. You may or may not know that Chick-fil-a is a very anti-family organization in the sense that they choose to support groups who define families in the narrowest (and most narrow-minded) sense.

I've said it many, Many,  MANY times on this blog, and I don't mind saying it again. Families are all different. Whether or not you are the most WASPy, straightest, falling-off-the-right-side-of-the-world family housed in your 3-bedroom home behind your white picket fence with your 2.5 children and golden retriever, your family is different than every other family. Allowing states-sanctioned discrimination based upon the premise that some families are too different is absurd. Defining family in a way that excludes so many groups of loving individuals is destabilizing choice that is neither pro-family nor loving.

I encourage anyone who values diversity, who is an ally (like this man) of the LGBT community and who realizes that marriage equality is in our best interest as human beings to join my family and kick your Chick-fil-a habit. 


  1. Nice post. And thank GOD we don't have them in Hawaii.

  2. Here in the south they are so ingrained that it was my (as well as many peoples) fast-food of choice on the rare occasion that I eat fast food. My son's first job was there and we even have little cow Chick-Fil-A Christmas ornaments.
    That said, I will forgo their tasty fast sandwiches and lemonade. It is not shock that this is their stance and knowing this in my mind I should have stopped eating their long ago, but this was a wake-up call. I do not tolerate bigotry with my friends and family, why should I tolerate for companies? I hope someone does an article on all large companies that are like this.