Sunday, May 20, 2012

What's A Day With Twins Like, v. 2.0

For some time now, our top blog post has been the first installment of "What's a Day with Twins Like." Probably, all of those expectant parents out there are furiously researching what life will be like once their multiple bundles of joy arrive. When I Google search that sentence, our blog is the second link on the page. Maybe that's why we're so popular!

So, I've decided to update now that our twins are a bit older and can do more stuff. Like I've said in previous posts, we're lucky to have a full time, in-home nanny who takes care of the kids while we're at work, so I'm going to write about a day when she's not here, and it's just two-on-two.

Cedric and Ezra wake up at about 6:00 AM. Really, they're little alarm clocks masquerading as infants; you could set a watch to them. Since I'm more of a morning person, I get up with them and we do a diaper change/feeding straight away while Chad attempts to sleep through any of our morning noise. After eating, the twins go in their bouncy seats and chew on whatever their favorite toy-du-jour is while I get some breakfast, water the plants on the balcony and throw in a load of laundry. After that, I usually, put them in their cribs for some twin time. They pass toys back and forth and chew on anything else they can get their hands on. We do diaper changes and read a book or two, do some baby stretches and sing for a while. By that time, Chad is usually up and the twins are ready for nap number one, which starts at about 8:00 and goes until 9:30ish.

At 9:30, we repeat the diaper changes and usually have an outfit change from all the slobber from the chewing. Then, by 10:00 we're ready for bottle number two. We each feed one baby, and when we're done we go on a walk around our apartment area, or we'll walk to the grocery store if we're doing any baking. We're usually in by 11:00 and the boys are ready to sit on the balcony and listen to the birds, or watch while someone folds clothes and starts more laundry.

After a short nap that hopefully starts around 12:30, and goes until past 1:00, they eat again any time between 1:30 and 2:00. This is the fussy time of the day, so we really try to have an activity planned, or have someplace to go or something to see. Lately, we've enjoyed the pool on weekends because it's so hot in the afternoon. Sometimes we'll split up and one twin will go with one dad, and the other with the other dad. Usually both boys are ready for their last nap by 4:30, and they sleep until 5:30.

Then, it's wake up time for the last bottle before bed at 6:00 PM. Right after that bottle, we take Jyoti on a walk in the neighborhood, and get back to the house around 7:00 in time for a diaper change, some naked time to let their skin breath and then some reading time or bath time (every 3rd night) before we put on pajamas and head to bead between 7:30-8:00. Chad throws in some laundry, while I make dinner. We eat at around 8:00 PM, and enjoy having an adult meal together.

I usually head to bed at about 9:30 so I can be fresh for the morning shift, and Chad stuffs diapers and relaxes until the boys have a nighttime bottle at 10:00 PM. They're back in bed with double-stuffed g-diapers by 10:30 and Chad comes to bed. They boys sleep soundly until 4:30 AM, when I usually have to get up and put a pacifier in Cedric's mouth. He goes right back to sleep, though, and they both wake up with big smiles at 6:00.

Here are some things that keep us sane:
1. Splitting the workload: no one parent should have to do all of the domestic duties. Chad is a pro at stuffing diapers; whereas, I take care of making the solution for their baby wipes.

2. The day is organized around the feedings: There are 4 hours in between feedings when we have some activity time, and then a nap.

3. Clean as you go: Cedric and Ezra both love just watching me clean the kitchen, prepare food, or fold laundry. They usually don't even need a toy, they just love to be observant. So, rather than letting the chores pile up, I can get things done while they sit and watch or play.

4. The twins eat at the same time: This is essential. When one is hungry, we also feed the other. We'd have gone insane long ago if they were on two different eating schedules.

I hope this is helpful to anyone trying to figure out what their routine will be like with twins. I highly recommend the book Secrets of the Baby Whisperer, which talks about a structured routine with infants.



  1. I love these glimpses into your world with twins. I love the structure that you have and that you are aware of each other's strengths and weaknesses. The perfect partnership.

  2. I just can't imagine two...and I said that just yesterday as we were tired and wondering how the next 24 hours were going to unfold. We've been lucky so far, but it's early. Things could change at anytime. Thanks for sharing your story.

  3. Those naps are so short! I was looking forward to longer daytime naps. :-(

  4. Yes, the daytime naps are short, Michael, but the important thing for me is that they sleep well at night.

  5. Bookmarking THIS one too! Thanks again, guys!

  6. ahhh this is a great picture, you are guys are fab, super duper organised, i looked after my nephew on the weekend and he ran rings round me lol :)

  7. I'm going to make some very detailed notes from your blogs! I like your organization - seems to work well for you. I'm still trying to grasp how we're going to handle two!

  8. This is awesome! Looks like we'll be heading to Delhi in November and this will come in VERY handy as we try to get our head around welcoming twins!