Saturday, May 12, 2012

Officially Hot

Not me... Delhi. The extended forecast is calling for 105 and sunshine everyday. Lets all find a pool and not move!

I have to fill everyone in about my birthday. Since it was my 30th Douglas wanted to make it very special, and he beyond succeeded. He told me that he got me a gift for every decade and I requested that they be spread out all day long.

My morning started by walking into my office and finding a gift on my desk. A nice big family picture from our trip to Goa. I smile at it every time I go into my office. Then around lunch time a order confirmation for a new pair of Oakley sunglasses arrived. I forgot my favorite sunglasses in a hotel in Rome a few years ago, and now I will finally have a replacement pair when I get back to the states in a few weeks. The grand finale of gifts was a new flat screen tv to replace the old thing we were using in our bedroom. Each gift had a card. The first one was "a gift that will make any 30yr old smile" the second "a gift to remember your 20's" and lastly "a gift any 10 year old would want in their bedroom." Douglas knows me very well.

Since my birthday was on a Thursday we decided that we would go out to dinner sans children on Friday. While Douglas was getting ready I was talking to our housekeeper, and she asked me for money to pay the grocery man because she used all the money "to pay for the cake that is at your surprise birthday party." I was totally in shock as I had no idea that Douglas was planning anything like this, but since I am not a good actor I went to tell him the gig was up and I knew everything. He was very mad that the surprise was ruined, but it turned out to be a great birthday party with fun had by all.

Today we took the boys to the doctor for their six month checkup. It is really hard to believe they are already six months old. All in all the doctor is happy with their progress, and the boys are not happy with their doctor for sticking their legs with needles today.

We also went across town to visit our friends from Delhi Baby. If you go all the way back to March 2011 you will find a post about meeting them the first time they were in Delhi with their first newborn. They were the first people we met in the blogging world all while we were waiting for the results of our transfer.

Tomorrow we are planning to experiment with solid food for the first time. We will definitely be getting this on video. Only three more weeks until France and four more weeks until America!


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