Thursday, May 31, 2012

I Know Where I'm Goin'. . .

Don't you wanna come too?

Here's what we've been dealing with in Delhi.

It's currently 7:25 AM and it's already hot, hot, hot! So, we're packing our bags today and tomorrow and heading to France on the way back to the US. Here's a preview of the weather in beautiful, Vichy, France.
We're in the middle of making lists (which I'll share, of course) and taking inventory of our supplies so we can replenish our stocks while we're in the US and bring good things back to Delhi in the fall. Preparing to travel with the twins always gets me a little nervous, and the stress level mounts as the lists get longer of things to pack, but we'll have some great music playing to help us get the work done (or, as Chad says, we'll be playing some shoulder shimmying songs).


  1. The weather in Delhi sounds ummm, HOT HOT HOT. And I didn't see the video yet but from the screen shot it's looking like two drag queens. LOL...sorry I love the Judds too but just had to get that off my chest. Travel safe and don't're going to France and then back to the USA for a while. Have fun guys...

  2. Holy Moly!! I'm so scared of the weather when we get there in me!! and my bub guys :)

    Enjoy the mini Vacay!!

  3. Have fun! I'll be in Paris next weekend before heading on to Delhi! One last breath of fresh air before hitting the heat! Best wishes for safe travel!