Thursday, May 17, 2012

Six Months

A few days ago the boys crossed six months. This post has been a work in progress due to the end of the year crunch. This morning as I sat on the edge of the bed looking at my iPhone calendar it hit me that we are up and out of here in 15 days. Upon further investigation I realized that I am operating three calendars (iPhone, iPad, computer) and they were not synced with each other. My first agenda item today was to get all of my devices talking to one another so that we show up to the right place at the right time. Mission accomplished.

Starting Tuesday we have been attempting rice cereal with the boys. It has turned into our nightly comedy event after the family walk each night. Occasionally one of them will get a spoonful down the hatch, but mostly it just ends up everywhere except. Last night in protest Ezra took his spoon from my hand and tossed it across the room. Turns out Jyoti is a fan of rice cereal. I expect her new home to be under the table waiting for treats to fall from the sky.
We are looking forward to getting out of Delhi for awhile, but we have a ton of things to do before we can go. Procrastinating is bad this time of year because the heat only gets worse. Every year we say lets not wait until it is so hot next year to do all of our running around, but of course we waited until it was 110 degrees to head to the market to get Jyoti a summer supply of food and treats last weekend.

I have to say that this is the first year that Douglas and I have not been completely exhausted with Delhi in May. It could be that this is the first year we have lived in the bubble and can remain fairly unexposed the the sights and sounds of Delhi, it could be that we have lived here for four years now and this is just our life, and it might be that we have two beautiful children to come home to every day. Regardless of the reason we are truly enjoying life to the fullest every day.



  1. Happy Six Months. They are getting so big next to their sheep.

  2. Awww....what a great post! I love the picture! Hilarious!

  3. Wow, they look so big beside the sheep now!! Gorgeous boys!!!

  4. Awesome post! The boys are so handsome, and I'm betting they're going to enjoy getting out of Delhi for the summer too! You guys have a great time! Best wishes!