Sunday, April 17, 2011

Parenting Faux Pas

When I posted ultrasound pictures yesterday, I inadvertently posted two pictures of twin B and no pictures of twin A. I hope I have not caused undue emotional duress to our little dude or dudette. So, here's a short post to correct the inequity, and to provide a bit more information.

Also, here is a great website that explains scans in the first trimester.

Stats on twin A:
Gestational age - 5w 5d
Yolk sack - .18 cm
Crown-rump length - .21 cm (takes after Doug? Height = 5'8")
Fetal heart rate - 115 bpm

Stats on twin B:
Gestational age - 6w 1d
Yolk sack - .21 cm
Crown-rump length - .41 cm (takes after Chad? Height = 6'2)
Fetal heart rate - 141 bpm

So, there you have it. In other news, it's raining here in Delhi. Monsoon season is still a few months off, and when it is not monsooning, Delhi gets very little rain. So, rain is always welcome at this time of the year. For those of you who are planning on visiting Delhi in the next few months, be prepared for heat! The temperature and humidity will steadily rise until it's about 110 ºF every day. Fortunately, Chad and I will be on a plane headed for the US just about the time that the heat becomes unbearable. Then, we'll get back in Delhi in time for the end of monsoon season.



  1. Great news!!!! Little bubs are looking good. It is so nerve wracking, yet so so exciting! Congratulations!

  2. I smell some therapy in the future for Baby A!!! :) They're adorable!! And I like how you've added the baby ticker! Can't wait to add ours when we know how many!!! Thanks for sharing!!!