Friday, April 22, 2011

Cats, Babies, and Families; Oh My!

Tie that bag shut; the cat is trying to get out! Today started with a school-wide faculty meeting, and message from our director that finding housing to meet everyone's space requirements was very difficult this year because three couples with the same seniority are all expecting. The problem is, everyone knows about two of the couples but very few people know that we are expecting. We have started telling our inner circle of people, but we have yet to shout it from the rooftops that we are pregnant. So, as of today people are going to be looking at the staff directory trying to solve the mystery. I will be in the staff canteen starting rumors to divert attention from us!

With all that said, we are approaching the time to tell our families. Part of me wants to send and email saying "we are knocked up" and not miss a step. The other part of me wants to be less blunt and more respectful of their opinions; however in the end I don't care. I feel like if we sugar coat it just to make them comfortable, then we are willingly subjecting ourselves to their disapproval of our life and what we have a right to do. The only thing they should want is for us to be happy.

I value everyone's opinion. Where you lose me is when your opinions hurt other people. I told my family I was gay when I was eight-teen. We avoided the subject like the plague and never said one word about it for ten years. Then last year Douglas and I were planning to get married. I told them what our plans were because I wanted my family to know before the fact. The reaction I received was shocking, and it still turns my stomach. I can't imagine that my sister received the same reaction. My family is mid-western nice and would never be rude to my husband and I am very thankful for that. My mother even came to India this year for a visit. I think that if people could get over the "what will the neighbors think" mentality the mid-west would be a much more pleasant place to live. I am confident that if not in the beginning that over time our family will love our children as much as we do.

So for the good stuff... we are seven weeks and one day pregnant. We have not heard anything from Package, Doctor or Surromama this week. No news is good news at this point. We are having another ultrasound on next Friday (29th April). We hope to see growth and increased heart beat rate of our little ones. I think we are really close on choosing the names. After last night we have our two boys and one and half of our girls names, but they will remain a secret now so as not to elicit any comments from the peanut gallery.

In other news this week, our babies are hard at work:

* 1/2 inch long (the size of your pinky finger nail)
*mouths, nostrils, and ears are forming
*lenses in the eyes are forming and the iris color is visible
*arms, shoulders, hands, legs, feet take shape (toes and fingers next week!)
*neck is starting to straighten

So much excitement!



  1. Your family “Chad, Doug and kids” is the most important family you have. If your parents cant find joy and happiness in Grandbabies.. Then sadly, its their loss. You could always do what Paul and Edward did, Send an Ultra Sound picture in the mail saying happy Mothers day! Hugs to you both.

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  3. Regardless of how you tell your family, I hope and pray that they are as excited for you as some pure strangers are out there (i.e. me :). Good luck in the announcement!