Friday, April 8, 2011

Big Numbers

We just received more great news! Our doctor says we are four weeks and four days pregnant, and the result of the second beta test is 8586. Now if someone could explain this timeline to me before our doctor gets back to us that would be great. I would love to match our beta number with some averages. We "conceived" on March 17th and transferred on March 19th. In my eyes that would make us five weeks one day pregnant?!?

We have our first ultrasound one week from today on April 15th... so excited!



  1. Hey Chad! Those numbers are great! Like she said at first, there is probably more than one little guy in there :) She is also probably basing your number of days pregnant on when they most likely implanted. Remember due dates are just an estimate, especially with twins! You'll know more next week at the ultrasound.

  2. This is a study that I found helpful about HCG levels when we were early in our process:
    These numbers vary wildly all over the chart so while they can indicate multiples, the ultrasound will be the best test to see how many.
    You are correct that you should be around 5 weeks of gestation based on your conception date. At your test next week, you'll hopefully see sacs with a yolk and a little beating heart(s)!
    Good luck!

  3. You are so right!! We also "conceived" on March 17 and we are 5 weeks 1 day pregnant! Great beta numbers!!! Come on April 15!!!