Sunday, September 23, 2012

There Is A Song

It brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it. It is a powerful song. It comes from deep down inside. It sounds beautiful. It is one of my favorites. It is really out of context, but it triggers a memory of mine from ten months ago. It reminds me of my nightly cab rides to visit Ezra in the hospital when I had my iPod cranked just loud enough to drown out the sounds of Delhi traffic, just loud enough to forget the sea of people that surrounded the car at the stop lights, just loud enough to forget the smells of burning India during the cold months, and just loud enough to get me into the NICU with a smile on my face.

There have been four days that the twins have not been in the same place. Those have been the hardest four days of parenting twins.

Today is Doug's birthday! Happy 30th to my wonderful husband. Due to my lack of culinary skills and my inability/unwillingness to make quality things without a box, Doug actually made his own birthday cake. He takes full responsibility for this since I volunteered to make the cake first, but he didn't want a box cake.

I am finally feeling well enough to get out of bed. I have been crazy sick and on strict Douglas instituted quarantine since Wednesday morning. It all started with chest pains, then it turned into fever then no fever and aches, then fever again, and repeat. There was one day I slept almost twenty hours. The final day was full scale strep throat which quickly went away after I overdosed on antibiotics. I misunderstood that doctor's orders of "take three times". She meant take once each day for three days. I understood take three times each day. Needless to say the strep is gone, but so is all my good bacteria.

We are off to Hong Kong on Friday to officially celebrate Doug's birthday. We decided that since we had a four day weekend the week after his birthday we would delay the party and travel to a new country. We are both really excited... oh and I am sure the boys are excited too!

Here is that song: Adele - I Found A Boy



  1. Hope you feel better!! Happy b-day to Doug and hope you guys have a great time in Hong Kong!!

  2. Happy birthday! And of course, enjoy your trip, sounds fabulous!

  3. Hope you feel better, Have a fab time in Hong Kong, Happy Birthday to Doug!