Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Whole 30

Not that I feel and different (although I do feel different... more on that in a moment). Age is just a number, right?  And at this point in life, things couldn't be better. We live in an amazing city in an incredible country, I am in love with my work, I have two beautiful and healthy boys, and I am married to one of the best humans on the earth. AND I still have most of my hair and all of my teeth. That's good too, I guess.


So, in order to feel a little better about turning 30, I challenged myself for 30 days during the months of August and September with a program called The Whole 30, which is basically a very strict paleo diet. The results were incredible. I cannot even put into words how doing this made me feel even just seven days into the program. I had more energy, and had the same level of energy consistently throughout the day, my digestive system was regulated (which is a big friggin deal for someone who lives in India), I was sleeping better through the night, and I was really enjoying the food we were eating (which mostly came out of this cookbook). Oh yeah, and I lost 10 pounds!

All in all, I can't even some close to stating how strongly I'd recommend changing your diet for those of you who are feeling weary and worn out, especially you fellow parents of multiples! It is totally worth the time and investment it takes to shop for and prepare healthy foods.


  1. Pssssshhhhh, 30's nothin. I'm 40 and I feel pretty damn young. ;-)

  2. Hehe! We are on a low carb, high fibre diet and feel great so I know what you mean enjoy! And happy birthday?!

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